Trails and Tents Program-Hikes

13 Jun 2018 – 25 Jul 2018

09:00 AM – 4:00 PM

The Town of Carbondale Recreation Department operates under a special use permit with the US Government on the White River National Forest and is an equal opportunity service provider.

Hike, walk, skip, wander, plod, trek . . . whatever you want to call it, one fact remains, we are all bi-peds, it is summer, we are in Colorado, it is time to go hiking! So, in celebration of the “No Child Left Inside” campaign, Carbondale Recreation Department has great programs to make sure you check out some of the cool places right outside your back door. Our hiking series takes the participant to 4 incredible places. Hike to great lakes, see incredible views and explore an ice cave!  Our hikes are also hands-on informational sessions where you will experience “Leave no trace” practices of wilderness travel. We  also cover how to pack for a hike and what to bring, learn about plant, weed and animal identification, and how to use a compass and topographical maps. A hiking equipment list is available at the front desk of the Carbondale Recreation & Community Center.

Ages: 8 years & up
Days: Wednesdays

  • Hike 1- Avalanche Creek Trail, Date: June 13, Time: 9 am-3pm
  • Hike 2- Hunter Creek Trail, Date: June 27, Time: 9 am-3pm
  • Hike 3- Grottos & Ice Caves, Date: July 11, Time: 9 am-3pm
  • Hike 4- Thomas Lakes, Date: July 25, Time: 9 am-4pm

Cost: $20 / hike or $60 for the 4 hike series
Min/Max: 5/13
Registration Deadline: Hike 1: June 6,  Hike 2: June 20, Hike 3: July 3, Hike 4: July 18
Hiking Equipment List