Youth Swim Lessons: 6+ years

11 Jun 2018 – 9 Aug 2018

10:00 AM – 11:50 AM

Age: 6+ years
Days: Each session runs Mon-Thurs for two weeks (session 2 will have a make up day Friday July 6th)
Dates: Session 1: June 11-June 21; Session 2: June 25-July 6; Session 3: July 9-July 219; Session 4: July 30-August 9
Times: 10am, 10:40am, 11:20am (Beginner and Intermediate); 10am, 11am (Advanced)
Cost: $50 (Beginner and Intermediate); $60 (Advanced)
Min/Max: 4/6 per class (Beginner and Intermediate); 4/10 class (Advanced)

Beginners: For kids 6 years and older who are new to swimming.  They will learn breath-holding and control techniques, movement patterns to change their bodies from vertical to horizontal positions in the water, and will experience an introduction to different swim stroke styles.  30 minute lesson.

Intermediate: For kids 6 years and older who can “swim” forward 15 feet  with their face in the water, without a flotation device.  You child will move from using equipment and flotation devices (to assist building form, strength, and stamina) to moving unaided in freestyle and backstroke positions.  30 minute lesson.

Advanced: For kids 6 years and older who can swim 1/2 the length of the pool using side breathing techniques.  Children will learn to master the 6 basic strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, side stroke, and elementary backstroke).  45 minute lesson.

Welcome to Swim Lessons University: a progressive swim lesson system designed to make children safer when in and around the water.

Please note that in this program, children in Preschool, Beginner, and Intermediate lessons may be asked to wear swim aids.  These are not life jackets.  Many younger children do not have the physical stamina or muscle strength to keep their bodies in the correct positions during lessons.  They swim aid affords children the opportunity to keep their bodies in the correct swim position to learn the proper strokes.  As children progress, flotation pads can be removed.